10 Ekim 2014 Cuma

Art Spaces I

Every act of art has an undeniable and unbreakable relation with space even if it is intentional or not. However, hanging a painting on a wall or putting a sculpture to a public space comprise a different kind of comprehension of the space than hanging a specific painting on a specific wall or putting a site-specific sculpture to a public space. Space has potential to get more layers when it is defined by an artwork as artwork has potential to get more layers when its roots are strictly connected to the space that it is surrounded. I have an urge to find answers to those questions in order to generate new ones: How can the boundaries between an artwork and space can disappear? How can space be manipulated in order to evolve a natural exhibition space? What would be the evolution of the term “exhibition” when boundaries disappear? What are different ways of relating art to a space in different mediums? What is the role of architecture in that context?

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